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1999 ROTORtype / David Lindecrantz, [email protected]



ROTORcap Bold

ROTORcap Extended

ROTORcap Extended Bold

ROTORcap Symbols


For best results, use Photoshop 5.0 at 7 points. Set the

tracking to 40 (regular) or 60 (bold, extended). Of course

with anti-aliasing turned off.

Please note that I have not put as much work on the kerning

on these fonts as you would expect from a commercial release.

Therefore, make sure that all words you type look good, and

manually kern those that don't for ultimate satisfaction.

If you use and/or like this font, I would be delighted if

you told me so, and where you used it.

This font is indeed freeware, which means that you can

download it from the ROTORtype site and use it as much as

you want without paying anything for it. But there are a

couple of things you by no means have the freedom to do;

You must not redistribute the font in any way, not even the

original archive. Spread only the link to ROTORtype, If you didn't download

the font from that URL, please mail [email protected]

and tell us about it.

You must not directly make any money on it, ie. sell it,

trade it for drugs or anything like that. If you use it in

any commercial project, you have the freedom to do so. The

only thing we expect (and demand) is that anyone who use this

font tells us about it, and perhaps even gives us a more or

less humble amount of dollars for being such nice guys.

About the font:

I made the first version of ROTORcap sometime during

springtime 1998 in the process of redesigning the

CAP&Design website. At that point, the small type in

the navigation was considered too small by the client,

but I refused to change it. And now, almost a year after

the site was launched, I've been asked about this font

uncountable times.

Most people have naturally asked whether the font is

available to the public in any way, but up to this point

it has been exclusive property of the ROTORfabrik workers.

I expect you to be conclusive enough to realise this is

not the case anymore, and what's even better - we will

continue to release freetypefaces on a regular basis from

now on.

Thanks to:

Christian Lundquist,

- For converting the fonts to Macintosh format

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

a ROTORtype release _|_| _|_| _|_|_| _|_| _|_| _| _|_| _| _|_| _|

Character Map Rotorcap Character Map
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Font Details
Designer Name: ROTORtype
Font License: 100% Free

Designer Name: ROTORtype

Font License:100% Free