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Note of the author

About Smileyface Font(tm) 3.01


Designer: Jonathan Macagba

(c)1993-97 Jonathan Macagba

Just what you've been waiting for--a "smiley face" font! Now its

possible to attach smiley faces in your documents without lifting

a pen. Over 100 characters filled with happy, sad, angry,

confused, and silly faces. You can convert the characters to

outlines in Illustrator, Freehand, or Canvas and edit to your

hearts content!



Smileyface Font is "Shareware"*. If you find this font amusing,

send $5.00 to:

Jonathan Macagba

244 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2246

New York, NY 10001-7604 USA

Outside the US, make sure that your check is drawn from a US

Bank. Otherwise, please send cash.

This font is FREE to registered users of previous versions.

If you wish to order a DISK with all of my latest Shareware and

Freeware PICTURE FONTS (including the latest version of this

font) send $24.95 to the address above. Make sure to specify

which computer system and font format you use (Mac-PostScript,

Mac-TrueType, Windows-PostScript, or Windows-TrueType).



Shareware is a means of distributing software on a "try before

you buy" basis. Shareware allows you to try software programs,

clip art and fonts before you purchase them. This allows you to

determine if the shareware product you are trying meets your

needs and will work with your computer equipment. After you

have tried the product, you are required to either purchase the

product or delete it from your system. The shareware concept

relies on the basic honesty of the user (or "potential buyer").

Remember that many shareware authors and developers are people

like you--not faceless corporations--and rely on the income

derived from shareware payments to continue creating software

products that make your (computer) life more productive and fun.



Version 2.0 (released 9/16/93) includes REVERSED (white is black)

smiley faces and a number of freeform smiley faces (including a

smiling cat, smiling fish, and a smiling alien!).

Version 2.1 (released 6/9/94) includes additional freeform smiley

characters (including a computer, a dog, the sun, and others).

Version 2.2 (released 12/1/95) includes 10 additional smiley

characters. Six are "freeform" characters and four are

geometric/abstract characters.

Version 2.3 (released 4/19/96) includes additional characters and

a bug fix that didn't allow version 2.2 to print (Mac/Windows) or

install (Windows).

Version 3.0 (released 6/28/97) adds 14 more smilies drawn with a

"rough" look. These characters are best viewed at 60 points or

higher. A few of the characters have been moved to make room

for the new smileys. Specifically, the smileys found under

numbers 0-9 have been moved to other slots. Also, the standard

smiley characters ("a-z", "A-Z") have been made a little

thicker to display better on computer monitors.

Version 3.01 (released 9/2/97) includes an address change in the readme




** Use the "style" menu in your word processor to create even

more variations.

** Use this font in your paint or drawing program as a

smiley face RUBBER STAMP.

** Use with America Online version 2.0 to send messages --

no more sideways smiley faces :)



Jonathan is available for custom font work, illustration and

design. He may be reached at:

Jonathan Macagba

244 Fifth Avenue, #2246

Philadelphia, PA 10001-7604


Tel : 212.591.0208

Email : [email protected]

Web sites:

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Designer Name: Jonathan Macagba
Font License: Shareware

Designer Name: Jonathan Macagba

Font License:Shareware