Lambada Dexter

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ReadMe (well, if you feel like)

Here are some fonts I made up.

Hope you like them, and if you happenned to use it I'd be just pleased with it.

Also I appreciate any feedback, any critics, don't be too rude is all...

For those really curious, here is what I had in mind creating these fonts.

SoleaMM was my first attempt to make a complete font, and I as feared the process to be too simple I decided to start it MultipleMaster. Good trick, it was NOT too simple. The starting idea was to catch the simplicity and modern/antique feeling of some Roman grafitti (maybe from Pompei) I once saw in a book. This kind of starting idea usually lead to a result with a completely different feeling, which is the case here. Though, I like the font, especialy for big short headlines, used wide-spaced.

Brouss is a quick'n'dirty'n'happy brush work.

LondonMM tries to be both humanistic and geometrical, and probably fails in both. It should be usable, though, at least if I was better at fine-tuning the kernings...

LambadaDexter is the only font I ever get paid to design! So I can claim to be a pro! Gee!

If you find it cartoony, no wonder, it was for a french cartoon network.

Fonitek is intended for kidsbooks, but if you feel like using it for a Wittgenstein reprint, you're the boss.

fb2001, but use and distribute freely, as long as you don't charge for it.

You can post messages on newsgroup alt.binaries.mac.fonts

You can E-mail me: [email protected]

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Designer Name: François Bruel
Font License: 100% Free

Designer Name: François Bruel

Font License:100% Free