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Oh Joy!!!!

TOONTIME is a font inspired by the distinctive lettering of a certain modern cartoon classic. The font contains many familiar characters, as well as some I created in the style of the original. Until now, this font has been difficult, if not impossible to find.

In addition to this Read Me file, this .ZIP archive should also contain the Type 1 PostScript files of the font.


Toontime is shareware. I am not a multi-billion dollar corporation working out of a luxurious downtown high-rise. I am me, working out of my dining room. I spent many hours of my life creating this font so you could finally enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. If you like it and use it (even if you hate it and use it!), please purchase the full version of the font online at:www.typeadesign.comYou may also send $7 (US funds drawn on a US bank or International money order) to:

Marty Yawnick

7544 Arbor Park Drive

Ft. Worth, TX 76120



INCLUDE AN EMAIL ADDRESS TO SEND THE FONT TO. I'll email you the complete font upon receipt. An email address is most important. Toontime is no longer supported by regular mail.You will receive both Mac and Windows versions.

Think of it as buying me a six-pack for my time and effort (I like Shiner Bock, an excellent beer from Shiner, Texas). Your mere $7 will help defray the cost of the many beers consumed while creating this font. Once you send in your $7 shareware fee, you will receive a more complete, registered version of the font which includes numbers, some more punctuation, optional characters (which include some real lower case characters), more kerning pairs (for Mac users) and some toon-like picture characters which serve no purpose but are cool nonetheless, and now, the British Pound symbol. Registering will also get you any future upgrades to the font.


The data contained in these files is Copyright 1994, 2001 Marty Yawnick. All rights reserved.

This trial version of Toontime may be freely distibuted to your friends for evaluation, uploaded to other BBSs, or linked or attached to Web pages as long as it is not altered and as long as this ReadMe file accompanies the font. This font may NOT be distributed by commercial shareware distributors, those putting together floppy disk shareware compilations or the huge CD-ROM shareware collections. If you are interested in any form of mass distribution of this font, please just contact me first by email or snail mail.


You can reach me at the above mailing address, at [email protected] or [email protected].

I hope you like it. Let me know!

Once again, thanks!

revised 02/08

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Designer Name: Marty Yawnick
Font License: Demo

Designer Name: Marty Yawnick

Font License:Demo