Fnord Hodge + Podge

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Note of the author

Fnord-Hodge and Fnord-Podge

Two PostScript dingbat fonts.

Public Domain 2006 and (K) 3172 YOLD by the other anonymous, et al

To view the glyphs and encoding, see sampler.pdf

OTF provided by Synaptyx.

The PFA/PFB (sans AFM/PFM) are the only formats I am capable of supporting.



(in no particular order)

Idea and hard work:

/IdentityDict 5 dict dup begin

/Name (the other anonymous) def % "toa"

/Titles [

(/KeeperOf /TheSacredPostScript def)

(Illigitimate Love-Child of MFB and ACB)

(PostModernist PostScriptural Scribe For The CTC)

] def

/WebSite (http://toa.poee.co.uk) def

/Email (mcqueen269@aol.com) def

/Signature (I am not Anonymous.) def

end def

Synaptyx: /apple-messiah /apple23 /dobbs /scrid /tgrr1 /tgrr2

/raw1 /raw2 /thornley1 /thornley2 /bomb-kallisti /wrecking-ball

/phelps /pkd /poee-ornate /syn-chao-line1 /syn-chao-line2

/hail-iron /norton /discordaman /mickey-gas /itb

/pyramid-apple /pyramid-eye /evil23

- OD: /sigil-eris /sigil-greyface /eris-mod /apple-mod

/apple-syn /poee-curve /trump-trout /apple-manilla /sacredfist

Nurbldoff: /grenade-k /grenade-kallisti /apple-nurbldoff /eris-back

/trump-eris /trump-joker /discordaman

- OD: /eris-nurbldoff /reinkarnation

Max Flax Beeblewax and/or (boing!) Cnoocy Mosque O'Witz:

- OD: /element-* /elem3d-* /day-* /ono-*

Episkopos Aloysius Thudthwacker (HyperDiscordia):

- OD: /psychohazard /memetically-active

ThoughtMaster Xy: OD: /futhark-erud /futhark-rah /futhark-ihpo

/futhark-sohro /futhark-xaos

Sayteen: /chao-cow

Fnord Issue 2: /fnordzine /samsara

Gimoz: /creature

ElStiko: OD: /poee-screen

Ben: OD: /eris-kali /kali-fist /kali-fume /kali-tongue

The Wise Book of Baloney (Baron von Hoopla): /apple-baloney

PrincipiaDiscordia.com: /eris-pdcom

The BobCo Fonts: /fleurdelis /atom - OD: /alien /bolt /eyeball

Mark Frauenfelder: OD: /eris-katasutra

Marc Perkel: OD: /reality

Sampo Syreeni: OD: /slash

alt.atheism: /ipu (The Invisible Pink Unicorn)

Mark Fox: OD: /death-to-art

Istarwyn: /eris-istarwyn

SpecialSpaz: /mib-bat

ONero: apple-papale

Erwan: /eris-saxowoman

Pyxelated: OD: /greyface-pyxel

DarknessWonder: OD: /eris-wonder

http://www.labor.iu.edu/organizeindiana/: OD: /fsm-fist

Church of Scientology: OD: /sci-cross /sci-ned /scientology

AnonMoos: /kajira-kef

Liz Vicious: /liz-skull

Meighan Desmond (from Xena, Warrior Princess): /eris-md

Joss Whedon: /fnord

Unknown: /unicorns - OD: /fsm-fish /fsm-cross


Several images are taken from Principia Discordia (also copyright free/public domain).

the other anonymous: everything else

Anything credited as "OD" (original design) was revised by toa.



the other anonymous:



Synaptyx: http://poee.co.uk/

Ben: http://www.maui.net/~discord/eris/eris.html

HyperDiscordia: http://jubal.westnet.com/hyperdiscordia/

Everyone: http://www.principiadiscordia.com/

No one: http://www.23ae.com/

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Character Map Fnord Hodge + Podge Character Map
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Font Details
Designer Name: Toa, Synaptyx, Nurbldoff, et al
Font License: Public domain / GPL / OFL

Designer Name: Toa, Synaptyx, Nurbldoff, et al

Font License:Public domain / GPL / OFL