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******* Crystal Font: Disclaimer and Conditions of Use ***********

* *

* Although every attempt has been made to ensure the quality and *

* integrity of the Crystal font, no guarantee is expressed or *

* implied. *

* *

* You may use the Crystal font family FREE OF CHARGE for any *

* personal or commercial software application or document. *

* However, if you use the font in a publicly distributed *

* application or document, a byline in the online and/or paper *

* acknowledgements would be appreciated. *

* *


---------------------------- History -----------------------------

Version 5.1 25-Mar-99

* Symmetry of the number 8 improved.

* Curvature of tilde exagerated to prevent it from looking

like a straight line at low point sizes.


Version 5.0 16-Feb-99

* Several character shapes have been changed to improve

distinctiveness and legibility.

* All character outlines have been made more precise

and uniform, resulting in better on-screen legibility

and consistency (i.e. improved "color").

* The hints for every character have been reviewed and

improved. Because the font does not use delta hints,

however, it's on-screen appearance is not quite as good

at low point sizes as fonts that do.

* Direct support for bold, oblique, and bold oblique

family members has been dropped. The shapes calculated by

the rasterizer look better.


Version 4.0 11-Dec-97

* The on-screen appearance has been improved considerably.

* Characters are slightly (about 2%) narrower, allowing

more characters per line.

* MS-DOS graphics characters have been added. As a result

the character keymap has changed somewhat. The keycodes

for the standard characters has not changed, but the

keycodes of special characters such as '(c)' (copyright)

have changed.


Version 3.0 24-Jan-97

* Fixed a problem with the attributes of the oblique

family members.


Version 2.0 5-May-96

* The entire font family (regular, oblique, bold, and

bold oblique is supported.

* The weight of the font has been made considerably

more uniform.

* Character shapes have been tweaked for a better

screen appearance.

* Additional character positions have been filled to

prevent problems with desktop publishing applications.


Version 1.0 3-Oct-95

* Origination



* *

* My thanks to all of you who have downloaded the Crystal font, *

* especially to those who have provided feedback: most recently *

* Paul Newbauer and Maximillian A. Bond. *

* *

* Please send your comments, criticisms, or suggestions to: *

* *

* Jerry Fitzpatrick *

* *


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